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Artist Statement

A recent article in the Wright County Journal Press highlights the talent and history of Jon Holtz as his life has been inspired to pick up a camera and bring us the world's beauty in his still photography and more. Right-click and choose "Save Link As..." to download the article (7.2MB PDF).



My main goal with photography is to share the beauty that I find in Minnesota and around the world.

I believe that we are surrounded by beauty that we overlook everyday. Slowing down on occasion helps us to see this beauty. That beauty could be in a child's smile, the wrinkles of wisdom in an elderly persons hand, a simple pattern in nature, or the splendor of the African plains. At times I prefer a minimalist view of the subject. I believe good art should raise more questions than answers. I hope my images cause you to slow down and appreciate the beauty that is all around us.


Thank you from the artist!


Jon Holtz


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